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About the artist                    

I'm Sarah, a mama of 3, bonus mom of 1. My soul CRAVES nature, and I shoot landscapes to find peace in a frantic world. The goal of my work is to teach others to value nature, and bring healing and rest to the weary. We cannot live without nature, and we must work to preserve it.

As far as creating for others, product photography and headshots are my favorite genres. I love the creativity I get to express in styling a shoot for a shop, and my introvert soul finds working alone in the studio very restful.

I started my photography journey more than a quarter-century ago, photographing landscapes and taking portraits of my dad (while he photographed bugs), using a classic Minolta film camera. I've taken some classes in person, others online, and added portraiture and product photography to my portfolio over the last several years. I look forward to hearing from you!

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