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Bee Bellies and My Why

This is my why. I take some photos to capture the poetry of a scene, where words would not suffice. I take others so I can revisit a moment in time. But sometimes, an image taken for one of those purposes becomes about learning and discovery. We've been home for over a year now. The only time I've been more than 10 minutes from our house was when one of the kids broke a bone. I have really dug into our backyard ecosystem. Without being able to freeze this scene and then ZOOOOOOM in, I would never have noticed that bees have a honeycomb pattern on their bodies. Mind. BLOWN. I am shocked, also, to find that when I Google this, using various search terms, nothing shows up, at least not on the first page of results. So apparently, I shall become the one to tell the world that bees have a honeycomb pattern on their bellies. lol. The original image of a bee on lavender in our back garden.

The cropped/zoomed version. There are clearly hexagons on that bee's belly.

Photographed with a Pentax K-1 and Pentax smc DA 55-300 by Sarah Ainsworth. Prints available.

Sarah is a nature and product photographer based in the Los Angeles area.

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