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Greeting Cards and Limited Release Prints now Available!

Hi, y'all! All the flowers are behind schedule this year after our crazy weather this winter, but the California superblooms are popping, and the poppies are finally blooming in our yard. I've decided to offer new images as prints and gifts in limited releases, probably once a month or once a quarter, depending on how much I shoot, and how much I'm traveling, and the poppy images are included in this seasonal release. This image of the lupine just a short walk from our house is one of my favorites so far this year, and is also in the current release. ❤️

This month's greeting card release includes 6 floral designs, including a beautiful Mother's Day card featuring pink buttercups (also known as ranunculus--a lovely wedding flower). I lost my own mother in October, and have many cards sitting around that I never sent her! Don't be like me. Mail the card! This month's edition of greeting cards is available to shop here: In somewhat related news, today I shipped out my first wholesale order of greeting cards! Pretty exciting stuff. If you know someone who runs a shop that might like to carry my cards, please get in touch! I'd love to do more wholesale orders. Don't mind the crappy phone quality vid here, but this is one of my first orders, and I was too excited to set up a proper photo shoot. 😆

Wherever you are, I hope you see something beautiful today. XO, Sarah

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