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September Updates

September is just about over, and boy was it busy! Scouts and school are both officially back in full swing for the kids (although we kind of do both year round, it just gets more intense this time of year), and because of the busyness of this month, I've reduced the number of product shoots I'm doing. In August, the El Segundo Auto Show took place, and you'll see new photos up on the site from that event, along with a couple of beach scenes new to the site. Most of the new images are in the home page slideshow, but check out the Classic Car gallery and Ocean and Beach Scenes pages to see more. Did you know that little old El Segundo has its own Auto Museum, which puts on several events each month, in addition to being one of the sponsors for the annual Auto Show?

Image showing the South Bay of Los Angeles from Santa Monica down to the coastal cliffs of Palos Verdes
From Santa Monica to Palos Verdes and Catalina!

I had a booth at the Fair on Richmond Street, also in El Segundo, in September. My most popular items at the fair (sold out!) were a mug and a tote bag with the Tower 60 lifeguard shack (the lifeguard tower for El Segundo's beach), that said El Segundo, CA. They're available to order here.

Picture of a mug showing a lifeguard tower
Most popular item at a street fair in El Segundo

 It was nice meeting some fans in person. In one fun conversation with someone, I said, "Look at my pictures and tell me if you think I'm an introvert and extrovert." If you've paid attention, you'll notice that there are almost never people in my pictures; if there are any, they're generally alone or far away. This can even be seen in the pictures of classic cars. Instead of taking pictures of the whole car, I shoot macro, closeups of the details, especially the hood ornaments. At a car show, surrounded by hundreds of people, I'm still taking pictures with no people in them, or with only blurred remote figures. (Let me tell you, getting a picture of a chrome hood ornament with no reflections in it is next to impossible!)

Well, that's it for now. I hope to have some lovely California fall color pics for you by the end of October! Yes, fall color IN California! It doesn't last long, but it does exist. Wish me luck!

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