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El Porto to Manhattan Beach Pier: Surfer Photos and Beach Pics

If you were surfing El Porto Sunday morning (January 29, 2023), you may have seen me walking down the beach with my son, collecting shells and taking photos (between 8 and 10:30 AM).

If you were there at the same time, I may have taken a photo of you (and if you saw me in my big hat pointing a camera in your direction, the odds are higher)! I know there are several photogs who are in the business of taking pics of surfers at the beach, and I wanted to share some of my favorites from today. Check out the album linked below for all the pics (I'm just sharing a small sample here). This guy doing headstands on his board was a riot.

A surfer does a headstand on his surfboard as another surfer looks on in surprise.

If you see a photo you like in the linked album, I have print and digital files available for purchase. Also, if I have a shot up of you and you don't want me to share it, please let me know. And if you don't see your photo, contact me or check back in a few days; I have a lot of files still to look through. Want a print, wall art, or a mug with your mug on it (ha)? Get it here:

Just want a web-resolution file to share to your socials or email to your grandma? Get it here:

Two surfers with long blond hair carry their boards into the surf, with the Manhattan Beach Pier roundhouse in the background. One board is blue and white. Both surfers wear black wetsuits.

Looked like it was a lot of fun out there today! Hope you enjoy the pics.

XO Sarah


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